Green Mountain Boyz 49 Textured Granite

$3,100 / Curbside Delivered

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Dimensions: 60″H x 43″W x 25″D

Overall Weight: 875 lbs 0 oz

The Green Mountain Boyz safe carries the same patriotism and pride that the Green Mountain Boyz Vermont militia carried into the Revolutionary War at the end of the 18thcentury. The Green Mountain Boyz militia worked to keep to keep Vermont independent at a time when Royal forces worked to keep the New England Colonies under their control. Vermont’s incorporation is still attributed to the patriotism and victories of this group of brave militiamen.

We made this custom American made safe as a testament to the Green Mountain Boyz courage. It offers a custom scene featuring a buck and gobbler with Camel’s Hump Mountain background.

The GMB 37 is the mid-sized safe in the Green Mountain Boyz line, but still readily accepts as many as 43 long guns. The patented Axis Adjustable Shelving is easy to adjust and fully customizable to fit a plethora of your handguns and other valuables.Built with an external depth measurement of 25″, the GMB 37is built to project minimally into the room in which it resides. It tucks neatly against a wall to fit in near any space in your home.

**Prices listed are limited to in-stock safes. Please, call us if you are interested in ordering a safe that we do not have in stock.

**Installation and Bolt Down available for an extra charge.

Gun Capacity / Config: 43total (22/33+10)

Bolts: 9 (5 Active)

Fire Rating: 90 Minute / 1680°

Locking Bolt Sides: 3 Sides (Top, Left, Right)

Scene / Graphics:  Metal Plate Logo and Pinstriping

Safe Security Rating: UL® RSC Tool Attack

Paint: Gloss/Textured

Body Thickness: 11 Gauge

Interior: Fabric

Lock System: Force Deflector

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