Schwab Large Media Safe

$3,200 / Delivered Dockside

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Manufacturer: Schwab Media Safe

Brand: Wright Line Data Safe

Serial Number: A54656


Exterior Dimensions: 81”H x 61”W x 35”D

Interior Dimensions: 63”H x 45”W

Approx. Weight: 3,000-4,000lbs


Two Exterior Door(S) with Dial Lock

Two Interior Door(S) with handles

Interior Features: Five (5) Adjustable Wood Shelves


Safe Certified Fire Rating: Safe Manufacturers National Association-Interior Data Material Protection 150Degree/4 Hours


Safe Condition: Interior: Good, Exterior: Mechanically Good, Right Door Aluminum Strip is bent cosmetically.  OVERALL CONDITION: GOOD


PRICE: $4,250.00 Delivered Dockside


Schwab Corporation, established in 1872 in Lafayette, IN is the leading manufacturer worldwide for high security & fire resistant files, safes, cabinets and vault doors. As the most recognized name in fire protection and security of vital records, Schwab Corp has set the standard for over 136 years with a commitment to customer service, proven design & protection, and revolutionary new product releases.



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