Delivery & Safe Moves

How Will You Get YOUR New Safe Home?

Pick-Up – Whether you buy your safe from one of our showrooms or from us at an expo, we will load your new safe onto your truck or trailer. Please, always call ahead to schedule your pick-up, so that we can set time aside to serve you! There is no charge for picking up your safe.

Delivery through Eastern Security Safe  Our ground delivery service brings the safe, on a pallet, into your garage. Our in-house Installation service brings the safe into your basement, first, second, or other floors. Our team uses our own trucks and specialized safe moving equipment to provide a white-glove installation that keeps your family and home safe during the arrival and installation of your new investment. We deliver and install throughout New England.

**Our installation fees are charged in addition to delivery fees.

**Commercial installations are also available.

Drop Shipped on a Common Carrier – If you live outside of our delivery area, then we can ship your new safe through a common carrier service. Carrier service fees are dependent on your location and the weight and dimensions of the safe. You will also have the option of ordering “life gate service” to bring the safe from the truck to ground level, or standard “tailgate” delivery if you have the means to move the safe from the truck (loading dock, forklift, tractor, etc.). We can provide you with a quote once a safe is chosen.

Safe Moving & Installation Services

Eastern Security Safe Company has over 20 years of experience moving, delivering, and installing safes of all sizes throughout New England. Our experience and specialized equipment allows us to take on both exterior and interior home challenges with ease. Whether it’s grass, gravel, stairs, hard wood, carpet, or marble, our experienced movers have the skills to do the job right. For most customers, the delivery fee is an outstanding value in comparison to the risk to person, property, and your new safe, that self-installation may cause.

  • We are bonded and insured to provide you with confidence and security.
  • Our minimally marked moving trucks make delivery and moving discreet.
  • We have specialized safe moving equipment as well as the necessary skills to move any kind of safe.

Services are available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine.


If you have questions on safe moves or deliveries, feel free to call us during business hours or use the form below!